AKAA Art fair, Paris | Booth A14: Girma Berta | Michael Tsegaye

11 - 13 November 2016

Addis Fine Art is pleased to announce  participation in the first edition of Also Known As Africa (AKAA) art fair in Paris, taking place at Carreau du Temple from 11 - 13 November, with a presentation of works by photographers, Girma Berta and Michael Tsegaye. 


About Girma Berta

Girma Berta is an award winning young artist based in the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, whose work fuses street photography with fine art.  Born in 1990,  Berta is a self-taught photographer, who studied Information Technology graduating in 2009. In Berta's Moving Shadows series, solitary figures are juxtaposed against vibrant backgrounds, creating truly unique artworks which exemplify the contrasting colours and personalities on the street of his home town. Berta's use of the digital medium to produce and present his artworks, is in itself is a commentary on the digital revolution which is underway across Africa. Berta describes the motivation behind his work as a wish to capture, "the beautiful, the ugly and all that is in between". His images delve deep into the inhabitants of the city, offering his remarkable interpretation.  Moving Shadows received the 2016 Getty Images Instagram Award and will also be on view at Instagram's special project booth at AKAA. The Getty Images grant was launched in 2015 to support the work of photographers who use Instagram's open, global platform to share stories about underrepresented issues and communities, and in 2016 it expanded its scope to include creative visual approaches outside the conventional parameters of documentary photography. Berta's work has been featured in The GuardianOkay AfricaDesign Indaba and Art Africa and exhibited at, PhotoVille NY (2016, 2015), Look Festival NY (2016), 1:54 Contemporary Art Fair London (2016) and Bamako Photo Fest (2015). 


About Michael Tsegaye

Michael Tsegaye born in 1977,  is a fine art photographer who has worked extensively in Ethiopia with a focus on detailing the nations story.  Exquisite landscape photography, specifically seen in Tsegaye's Afar (2010) and Ankober (2006) Series where images burst with textures and spirit of the the East African Nation.  His expiration of alternative and intimate stories of Ethiopia is represented in Chasms of the Soul: A Silent Witness Series (2010), where Tsegaye explores the impermanent nature of seemingly permanent structures.  Stunning images of gravestones in Ethiopia, show how as a result of time, those already buried continue to experience a second death; the gradual deterioration of their entombed identity. It is a physical, piece-by-piece annihilation that eventually wipes all memory of their previous existence extinct, thus resulting in an absolute state of nonexistence. This work is part a wider collection of works called 'Future Memories' where Tsegaye he has attentively recorded the wider distraction and redevelopment of Addis Ababa.


AKAA aims to contribute to the growing global conversation around African Artists. With so many international exhibitions and art fairs focusing on African Artists, AKAA is adding momentum and propelling African artists into the spotlight.


Also Known As Africa Contemporary Art and Design Fair

Le Carreau du Temple, Paris


Opening Hours 

Thursday 10 Nov: Preview day

Friday 11 Nov: 11am - 8pm 

Saturday 12 Nov: 11am- 8pm 

Sunday 13 Nov: 11am-6pm