Salon Zurcher New York | Booth 6: Girma Berta | Leikun Nahusenay | Abiy Solomon

2 - 7 May 2017

Addis Fine Art is pleased to present Girma Berta, Leikun Nahusenay and Abiy Solomon at the 19th edition of Salon Zurcher, New York. 


Girma Berta is an award winning young artist based in the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, whose work fuses street photography with fine art.  Born in 1990,  Berta is a self-taught photographer, who studied Information Technology graduating in 2009. In Berta's Moving Shadows series, solitary figures are juxtaposed against vibrant backgrounds, creating truly unique artworks which exemplify the contrasting colours and personalities on the street of his home town. Berta's use of the digital medium to produce and present his artworks, is in itself is a commentary on the digital revolution which is underway across Africa. Berta describes the motivation behind his work as a wish to capture, "the beautiful, the ugly and all that is in between". His images delve deep into the inhabitants of the city, offering his remarkable interpretation. Berta's work has been featured in The GuardianOkay AfricaDesign Indaba and Art Africa and exhibited at, PhotoVille NY (2016, 2015), Look Festival NY (2016), 1:54 Contemporary Art Fair London (2016) and Bamako Photo Fest (2015).


Leikun Nahusenay  (b. 1982) while primarily identifying himself as a self-taught artist, he nonetheless completed his art degrees from the Ale School of Fine Arts (2006) and Teferi Mekonnen School (2011). His multidiscipline practice is based in Addis Ababa, where he works from the Nas Gedame studio. He is also a member of the Netsa Art Village and contributes to the growing Ethiopian art scene.  His work has been shown at numerous exhibitions, including Addis Calling Group Show, Addis Fine Art (2016), Flying Spoons sculptural exhibition at Asni Gallery in Addis Ababa (2015), Draw Me A Castle, Alliance Ethio-Française, Addis Ababa and Paris (2011), Future Makers international group photo exhibition at the National Museum of Ethiopia and Goethe Institute (2012) and The Fine Line Between, Lela Gallery (2008). Recent solo exhibitions include Child Art 1, Lela Gallery, Addis Ababa (2011), Cartoon Relief Sculpture at Grazmach Tasse Cultural Centre and Trinity at Alliance Ethio-Française, Addis Ababa (2009). He took part in the fourth annual Photographer's Portfolio meeting at the Bamako Encounters Biennale. 


Abiy Solomon (b.1983), is a photographer and one of the most prominent advertising creative directors in Addis Ababa. In his photography series, Primordial Modernity: The Raw Spirit of Lalibela, he offers a meditation on spirituality and the profound interiority of faith, as he photographs monks in Lalibela exiting and entering the hushed, dark spaces within the ancient rock-hewn churches. Offset by the bright sunlight that pours in through the open windows and doorways, the images are imbued with a reverent feeling: a contemplation of light and darkness, as well as the inner and outer manifestations of religiosity. Solomon holds a degree in Animation and Visual Effects from Maac University in India (2008). He is the founder and Creative Director at Orangeswitch, an advertising agency, and Partner at Africology Media.  


Salon Zurcher Africa  

Zurcher Gallery

33 Bleecker Street,

New York NY 10012


Opening Hours 

Tuesday 2 May: Preview Day 

Wednesday 3 May: 12 - 8pm 

Thursday 4 May: 12 - 8pm 

Friday 5 May: 12 - 8pm 

Saturday 6 May: 12 - 8pm 

Sunday 7 May: 2 - 5pm 



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