La Gacilly Photo Festival 2017

Girma Berta

Addis Fine Art is pleased to announce Girma Berta's participation in the 14th edition of La Gacilly Photo Festival from 3 June - 30 September 2017.  On view will be Berta's award winning Moving Shadows I series as well as works from his Streets of Addis series. 


“Addis Ababa is a mosaic”, says Girma Berta. A mosaic like his Instagram page, on which he publishes his photos, all taken with an iPhone – an approach that brings him closer to the inhabitants of his home city “without them even realising”. The work that emerged from this experience won the photographer a grant from Getty Images in 2016. The 26-year-old artist offers us a colourful and poetic vision that contrasts sharply with the usual preconceived, reductive images of his homeland: Ethiopia.


La Gacilly Photo Festival
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La Gacilly, France

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June 3, 2017
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