Nirit Takele presents Flying with Angels at Addis Fine Art

Mary Asseratte, The Reporter, December 15, 2018

Nirit Takele is an Ethiopian-born Jew who was born and raised in Ethiopia until 1991, when she made Aaliyah – the journey of moving to Israel – alongside 14,000+ Ethiopian Jews, including her family. However, this was no ordinary relocation; they left under a covert operation called ‘Operation Solomon’, led by the Israeli government, with an objective of secretly transporting thousands of Ethiopian Jews to Israel in a time limit of 35 hours. Years later Nirit, who resides in Tel Aviv, Israel, is now an award-winning artist, having exhibited her work in many prestigious fairs and award shows. Mary Asseratte, a contributor to The Reporter, caught up with Nirit at her first European solo exhibition at the Addis Fine Art project space in London.

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