‘The Idea Here Is to Go Big’: Galleries at the Art X Lagos Fair Work to Cultivate Africa’s Largest Economy

Rebecca Anne Proctor, Artnet News, November 5, 2019

[...] Against the backdrop of impending recession, the event is on a mission to become the preeminent contemporary art fair on the continent.


Against this backdrop—and a vibrant street scene of music, dance, and continuous hospitality—Art X Lagos opened its fourth edition in a bid to make its name as Africa’s leading art fair. The event, which ran from November 1 to 3, hosted 22 galleries from across the continent and Europe, up from 18 last year. 


Addis Ababa-based Addis Fine Art sold all eight works on canvas by 28-year-old Ethiopian painter Tizita Berhanu priced between $4,500 and $5,500 to mostly local collectors. [...]

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