Selome Muleta: Tsédal (Inner Radiance)

Contemporary And, September 14, 2020

[...] Selome Muleta (b. 1992) is quickly becoming one of the most exciting artists to emerge from the Ethiopian visual arts scene. Her latest work, a series of figurative portraits, is a continuation of Selome's thematic interest in the lives of women behind closed doors. Selome uses these female figures as an entry point into a wider investigation into nature; thereby positing femininity as an essential element of the natural world.


In her latest body of work Selome's subjects are amplified, taking up more space in the rooms they occupy, dominating the canvases which are sparsely decorated with objects. Those few objects inside the room - her chair, plants, frames on the walls - are all building blocks which create her abode. In their own way each of these inanimate objects are all tangible evidence of life. [...]

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