Tariku Shiferaw has joined Galerie Lelong’s artist roster.

Justin Kamp, Artsy, October 23, 2020

[...]  Tariku Shiferaw has joined Galerie Lelong & Co.’s artist roster and is scheduled to present his first solo exhibition with the gallery in spring 2021. The Ethiopian-American artist will continue to be represented by Addis Fine Art in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and in London.


Shiferaw is best known for his work in geometric abstraction. His densely-layered works center on the artist’s notion of the “mark,” which “reveals the thinker behind the gesture—an evidence of prior markings of ideas and self onto the space,” according to Shiferaw. He also utilizes materials such as mylar and vinyl to add further dimensionality to his canvases, while his sculptural works utilize commonplace objects such as wooden pallets or even sweatshirts to create assemblages that carry similar gridlike visual motifs. [...]

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