'One of the most shocking, tumultuous years on record': art market figures reflect on 2020—and guess at what 2021 might

Anna Brady, The Art Newspaper, November 25, 2020

[...] Rakeb Sile, Addis Fine Art, Addis Abbaba and London


"This period has encouraged a general openness between business owners and galleries across hierarchies. This began with crisis talks and has now evolved into collaborations, as galleries in particular are finding innovative ways of working with one another…The art world seems to operate less as islands now."


"We’ve noticed that the travel restrictions have caused an increase in local collectors both in the UK and Ethiopia. So I predict a collector trend of looking locally before buying internationally. The pandemic has brought about progressive discussions about the art world's environmental impact so I don’t think there will be as much of a travelling caravan next year as people are more conscious of their carbon footprint. Therefore, a consolidation of art fairs is inevitable." [...]

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