Painting in colour: the new star of Israeli art

Karen Glaser, The Jewish Chronicle, October 22, 2021

[...] Nirit Takele remembers her first breakfast in Israel vividly. “I was shocked how white everything was. Bowls of what I now know is labneh, quark, sour cream, cottage cheese and other soft and hard white cheeses. I couldn’t understand why the food had no colour.”

It was 1991 and Takele was six years old. Twenty four hours earlier she’d eaten a colourful breakfast in Addis Ababa. She, her parents and three siblings, the youngest just two months old, had left their home and farm in Kunzla, a village in northern Ethiopia, travelled by boat across Lake Tan and then walked for four days to the country’s capital where Jews were gathering for Operation Solomon, the covert Israeli military operation which airlifted 14,200 people out of Ethiopia to their promised land in 36 hours. [...]

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