We Surveyed the 1-54 Fair for 5 Key Works at Every Price Point, Starting at $800

Amah-Rose Abrams, artnet.com, October 13, 2022

In the ten years since the 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair first burst onto the London art scene, the event has grown to include editions in Marrakesh, New York, and Paris, and helped break down barriers between contemporary Western art and African art. [...]

1-54 is known for being a great place to pick up affordable pieces and spot the next big art stars. Here are five key works at various price points on offer at the fair. [...]


What:  Dawit Adnew, Anticipation (2022), acrylic on canvas

Where: Addis Fine Art


Dawit Adnew is an Ethiopian painter from London’s increasingly formidable Addis Fine Art gallery. The gallery’s 1-54 booth, twinned with a sell-out stand of work by Selome Muleta at Frieze London, showcases more of the delicious painting currently coming out of the region. 


Large paintings such as this combine Adnew’s love of traditional composition with his previous work as a textile designer. This is a chance to pick up a work by a great talent before his prices sail out of reach. 

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