Female Leaders in the Art Business on Navigating the Challenges of the Pandemic

Artnet Talks
March 8, 2021

Businesses across the world were plunged into uncertainty as the pandemic forced a near-worldwide lockdown last spring, triggering a global financial crisis. In the art world, everyone from encyclopedic museum directors and blue-chip gallerists to small business owners and independent contractors were forced to adapt quickly to the unprecedented crisis.


In this latest edition of Artnet Talks, co-organized with Young Women in the Arts in honor of International Women’s Day, four women who founded and run their own art-world businesses reflect on navigating the unknown waters of lockdown over the past year, from cancelled projects, to remote work, to the red tape of federal aid packages. They also discuss how their identities as women shaped their experiences at a moment when reports have found that the pandemic could set progress in gender equity in the workplace back years.


Panelists include: brand strategist and communications professional Tiana Webb Evans, founder of ESP Group and Yard Concept; entrepreneur Laura Currie, founder of contemporary art online retailer Prospect; art dealer Rakeb Sile, co-founder of Addis Fine Art in London and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; and communications specialist Hannah Gottlieb-Graham, founder of ALMA Communications; moderated by Artnet News senior writer Sarah Cascone, co-founder of Young Women in the Arts.