In the Studio | Tizta Berhanu

Addis Fine Art are pleased to present a selection of works by Tizta Berhanu at The Armory Show in New York in September 2021. An incredibly exciting young artist, Tizta studied under the acclaimed Ethiopian post-modernist painter Tadesse Mesfin at the Alle School of Fine Arts and Design, and continues to live and work in Addis Ababa.


In December 2020, Tizta made her solo debut at our Addis Ababa gallery in Ethiopia. Since then she has sold out at Art Dubai in April 2021, has been featured in Art Basel OVR 2021 and appeared in our group exhibition 'From Modern to Contemporary' in CFHILL, Sweden this Summer.


Her new body of work explores the complex spectrum of human emotion. Flooded with primary colours, her figurative paintings ebb and flow in a subtle equilibrium of vibrant opacity and dreamlike transparent washes. Her visceral portrayals of love, hate, sadness, and loneliness invite the observer to participate in the moments of vulnerability and intimacy that she captures ever so aptly on her canvases. The physical entanglement of bodies and limbs in her compositions strikes a chord of particular poignancy in our current socially-distanced world.


Join Tizta as she discusses her practise and the inspirations behind her new body of work for The Armory Show 2021.


 Video courtesy of Addis Fine Art, Lucy Emms and Allure Ethiopia