Selome Muleta Ethiopian, b. 1992

Selome Muleta (b. 1992) is one of the most exciting young female artists to emerge from the Ethiopian visual arts scene in recent years. Her latest body of work explores womanhood, both as an idea and as a lived experience.


Selome’s work consists primarily of portraits, as she depicts female subjects in different interior contexts and as various imagined characters. Selome aims to depict her women in states of inner reflection, her paintings encapsulating private moments and experiences across a spectrum of emotions, symptomatic of both a natural and performative femininity. Awash with pastel tones and with paint applied with ease, the images Selome creates exude a serenity and quietude. At times the faces of her subjects are obscured or cropped, and the viewer is invited instead to focus on the sparse array of objects that decorate the room, creating an atmosphere closer to a still life painting. A drooping plant, a dozing feline companion, and a distant crooked framed portrait, the objects displayed are tangible building blocks of a lived experience to be both celebrated and investigated.


Selome Muleta (b. 1992) was educated at Abyssinia Fine Art School (2012) and Entoto Polytechnic College (2013-2014). She has had solo exhibitions at Guramayne Art Center, Fendika Art Gallery and Alliance Ethio-Francaise (2019).