A Human Root Where All Journeys Meet

Hazel Press, Hazel Press, November 9, 2020

[...] Ermias Kifleyesus was born and raised in Ethiopia where he became an artist. The British Council saw his work when he was still a teenager and awarded him a grant in 1997 to study at City and Guilds of London Art School which was the beginning of his life in Europe. He received his MA from HISK, Ghent, NA in 2009 and currently works and lives in Belgium with his partner and two sons. Ermias works alone and in collaboration, he makes drawings, paintings, sculptures installations, films, street art, interventions and investigates relationships between individuals, ideas and cultures. He is a city person who prowls the streets and flea markets for materials and inspiration as well as working with the energy of community and politics. Ermias is a man of dignity, joy, generosity and deep thought and he has a profound respect for history and loyalty. Belgium is lucky to have Ermias Kifleyesus as one of its citizens. [...]

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